4C Child Care (Types of this Care)

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4c child care is the agency’s resources and child care referral in the United States. 4c offers a range of services that support the quality of early care and education. They provide training to existing and new child care provider. Then, helps parents navigate the process of child care options available. 4c recognized as a thought leader in the field of education.

4c child care
4C child care classes

Types of 4c child care

1. Family child care

Types of care provided in someone’s home. In New Jersey, the provider can care for no more than five children, plus a maximum of three children of their own. The home providers may choose to be registered, which means they meet the safety requirements. Also, meet the basic programs established by State law. This registration also allows providers to receive payment from the home of the family that participates in the 4c child care program.

2. Home care

In this type of 4c child care, people who come to your home to take care of your child. This provider may offer other services such as light housekeeping, making dinner or encourage your child to lessons. Although you can use an agent to find a provider, they are not licensed by the State. Also, take participate in quality improvement program of the country.

3. Child care center

Licensed by the State, the facility inspected every two years and must meet basic health and safety programs. They can care for 6 or more children from the age of 6 weeks 13 years. There are many types of licensed child care centers, but not limited to toddler program, early care, and education programs. Licensed centers can also choose to meet the more rigorous and standard accreditation.

2. Headstart early & head

Head Start programs and early head supports the development of mental, social and emotional growth of children from birth to age 5. Also, the 4c child care program provides children with health, nutritional, social and other services.

4. School District preschool program

The school district provides research-based preschool programs for 3-and 4-year-olds. Also, this program located within a school district site, private providers or local head start agencies.

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