Art Classes for Teens Benefits

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The benefits of learning the art of impact not only on adults in general but teens too. Some research on the benefits of art classes for teens has been done by researchers from year to year. Some researchers are Lisa Philips, Dewey, Read, Ross, Chapman, and Margaret Naumberg. Those researchers who come from a different era, but showed a positive result against the benefits of learning the art for teens.
art classes for teens
Art classes for teens

The art classes for teens benefits


1. Enhance creativity

Teens have an incredible imagination. The imagination can be developed in the future by learning the art. Creative not just limited in the drawing, but also could be in the making of art three dimensional (3D). Examples are such as clay sculpture, dance moves, make beautiful bouquets, and others.
The development of this art can be done in a way with foster children to look at the vastness of the world of art. Brought to the museum and explain about art, coming to a concert piano and draw his interest in music. Foster described not to sue, but by allowing teens to free their imagination with the guidance of an adult. A common mistake that is often made arts education is not to let the teens of expression and demanding an “art” is being taught.

2. Build a more mature mindset

Adult mindset can be built in the early period and mentored using art. Teens generally do not want to receive suggestions or advice from parents because they do not understand. Through the curiosity of teens towards art, making them hear better suggestions.

3. Build an attitude of solidarity

Some of the artwork should be done in a group so that the necessary solidarity. Examples of art classes for teens activities that conducted in a group are dancing, playing music, creating handicraft, and also to draw. Teens work on the artwork will collaborate with each other to create a new creativity.

4. Raises the character did not easily give up

The benefits of art classes for teens for building strong character. Teens who learn the art, with the right encouragement, wanted to make his artwork even better in the future. Studied art can be done in two ways namely self-taught and with guidance. For children may be better done with guidance, because at first, the children can move the bow rapidly.

5. Learn to appreciate the work

The most important thing in art classes for teens is fostering the appreciation of the works. Learn to appreciate other people’s work to be done from the beginning. Also, the appreciation will be very valuable to its creator. How to teach the appreciation is by way of bringing it to a place that is an insightful art and teaches him the art. Through the coaching is done, the teens will understand how beautiful the art world, so can appreciate the work better.

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