Art Curriculum for Elementary Review

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At the level of the school, teachers can develop an art curriculum for elementary based on the standards for the State Government. It using material resources that specified by the Government or define your own. Thus, in the United States teachers expected to use the standard for the preparation of the curriculum. Then, they can consider art curriculum for elementary design flexibility for their own classes.

Art Curriculum for Elementary
Curriculum map for elementary art

The importance of art curriculum for elementary school

Why is art education is vital for our children? Many parents think that students deepen their spiritual dimension with more learning about art. Then, here are some of the reason why art curriculum for elementary is important:

1. To take part in the arts is to be human.
2. Art is a way to know and form of communication.
3. The art of teaching problem solving and innovative thinking. Indeed all the thinking skills to higher levels.
4. Art helped form a variety of perspectives. Also, it helps us identify and express global issues, common to all groups of people.
5. Art emphasizing value.
6. Take part in the arts is to live in a culture and history.

7. Art helps make understanding the world. The arts help us pay attention.
8. Art nourishes our emotional side.
9. The art of developing our cognitive abilities.
10. Art can do the healing and support.
11. The art of teaching about how the section — are all an important part.
12. Art help keep students in school, motivate them, and improving math, science, and language scores.
13. Schools that combine art shows longevity in the enthusiasm of the teachers and students.

The purpose of art curriculum for elementary students

This curriculum describes the learning experience for grade 4, 5, and 6. Also, it provides opportunities for learners to develop knowledge, skills, and attributes. Then, they need to express their ideas, understanding, and feelings through art. A guide to integrated learning in and through the arts. Learn the art of focused on creativity and the arts. Also, where the learning through art is about using art and the creative process as methods for students.

The reason of art curriculum for elementary

Education in the arts is very important. The human experience ordered in a variety of ways, including numerical, musical, and visual. Students need to experience to understand the relationship between the human experience. Education in the arts helps students become selective in the assessment of their environment.

When schools provide suitable art curriculum for elementary grades that combining the disciplines of intellectual activity with physical skills in creative in problem-solving, they support individual growth students and contribute to the development of their personality. Students who take part in the program art managed to gain art knowledge. Also, its role in human interaction, and develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, both art and contemporary.

Students learn art should develop the basic skills and get employment the basic knowledge. Then, the second aspect of lead for a valuable experience, which combines the art of contentment achievement and understanding of other people’s creativity.

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