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Who does not want to have the healthy and smart child? To achieve these goals, you need the child care resources. Similarly, if you want it to grow into a smart child. Although genetic factors influence children’s intelligence, good care and early learning is becoming primary factor.

5 child care resources

Here’s how to care for your baby to grow healthy and become a smart child according to expectations.

child care resources
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1. Adequate nutritional needs of infants

The baby can grow up healthy if he gets enough nutrition. Nutrients needed for the baby such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins, and omega 3. The baby will get the nutrients from the food, especially from breast milk. However, breast milk protects your baby from the disease in the future.

Pale yellow colostrum on breast milk should be given to the baby. However, it can serve as a first for immunization for infants. Also, you can provide an extra supplement for the child, especially if physically he has very active. Consult the doctor to choose supplements for the child care resources.

2. Not too limiting space baby

The baby also needs space to train moving ability. Therefore, try to not limit the space motion of a baby. Don’t let the little one too long sits in the stroller. Instead, let him free moving so that bones and muscles developed well. Give the baby education like in childhood coalition for more knowledge.

3. Maintaining the health of the infant

The next child care resources are maintained his health. This way is very broad, ranging from immunization to establish the everyday healthy habit. For example, you need to bathe your baby and change his clothes regularly. You also need to clean the hands when will hold the baby.

Maintaining the health of the baby is urgently needed because of the durability of her body has not as strong as an adult. His body is more susceptible to the influence of germs and viruses. So, maintain the cleanliness of the home should be the top priority.

4. Building a close relationship with the baby

As an adult, you need to build close relationships with the baby as child care resources. Slowly, the baby will learn about things around him, including anyone who interacts with him. You need to frequently touch the baby.

It is important to invite baby talk. The goal that he is getting to know your face and voice, as well as to learn new vocabulary every day. You are also allowed to narrates everyday activities at home. So, the baby can hear more vocabulary. Also, you can give some art learning for kids.

5. Write the baby’s growth

Baby experiencing very rapid growth and development. Not only the exterior of the body grows, the infant also suffered brain development up to 80% within the first two years of age. You need to record all changes that occur in infants as child care resources. The goal is to let you know whether such reasonable changes occur in infants.

That’s the child care resources all you need to know for caring your child enters the next phase of growth and development.

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