Early Childhood Education Grants( How to get it? )

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The object of early childhood education grants is to increase the number of disadvantaged children to take part in the early childhood education. However, this grant provides an opportunity to access funding for programs that promote access to education for children. Also, initiatives that will enhance the educational experience for the children.
early childhood education grants
Early childhood education grants program

Early childhood education grants criteria

The service provider must meet all the following criteria:
1. Nonprofit preschool community
2. Early childhood education and services approved under national laws and regulations
3. Currently funded by the early childhood education and care grant
4.Under the terms and conditions of early childhood care and education grant program

Expenditure rules to get early childhood education grants

Activities should be initiated before or during the active year
Eligible Services can apply for funding to help support the current program under the following categories:
1. Transport initiatives such as establishing partnerships with local schools and councils. Also, transport providers to increase access
2. Provide staff development opportunities such as training and conferences. This program to promote outreach to children who are less fortunate.
3. Provides the usual breakfast and other sources such as backpacks for kids
4. Provide access to specialized staff such as allied health professionals, and bicultural workers.
5. The development of resources such as the purchase of appropriate educational resources.

 The early childhood education grants application process

1. Each service may submit a single application.
2. The service can apply for funding for several projects under the different project categories.
3. The Department will assess the application and determine your eligibility based on service.
The Department can prioritize application:
1. Increase the presence of the State and are difficult to reach and vulnerable children.
2. Promote the culture of diverse educational settings
3. Address the needs of the local community
4. Also provide a unique solution to the preschool.

Performance reporting

Process the requested formal exemption will be carried out 3 months after requested. Then, it will consist of a statement of expenditure and a statement of accountability for performance.

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