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The early learning academy founded to provide quality and reliable child care for families. Early learning academy committed to helping parents and children share and grow together. All of the provider classes focus on the development of your child.
Early Learning Academy
Early learning academy daycare


The benefits of early learning academy:

The main goal: To establish quality children who grow and develop under the level of its development. So, it has an optimal readiness in entering primary education as well as wading through life in adulthood.
Purpose: The companion to help prepare your child to achieve academic schools. Also, to reduce the dropout age and able to compete in the next level of education.
The poem written by Dorothy Law Nolte shows how important early learning academy. This happens because an early age is crucial in the development of a person. Especially the development of the absorption of information. During this time, the process of the child growing took place very quickly.
Therefore many experts who call this period as golden age period. However, it is ideally the parents provide to their children through early childhood education. This process of educational stimulation not only run with coaching in the field of academic.
Then, if education wrapped with various forms of the creative and game, children will enjoy every lesson that follows. As with the play, not only a growing child’s brain, but also motor nerves. So, the child has a readiness to enter the next level of education.

The other benefits of early learning academy

The cognitive aspects not only trained but also other aspects such as conditioning moral character and language. At this stage, the child introduced with the values that prevail in society.
Therefore, early learning academy not only done by the institution only but also supported by neighboring environments. But the most important is the closest circle of the family as a child. The family holds a very important role. Then, the success of education is highly determined by the role of the family. Although the role of formal education could not be ignored. Mom and dad must be a role model for children.

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