The Importance of Art in Child Development

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Did you know the importance of art in child development? Art for kids is different with art for adults because of different physical or mental state character. It is important to note in conducting an assessment of the work of students. So, that the results of the children’s creations are not measured according to the tastes of the adults. The function of art education is different to the function of art in professional work. Art for education functioned as child development, both physically and mentally.
The Importance of Art in Child Development
The Importance of Art in Child Development
In the implementation of art in school, creating art referred to the learning work. Being the experience of perception, then understand the art of learning called appreciation. Learning work of art contains three aspects, namely: competency, skills, and creativity.

The importance of art in child development

In the kindergarten, the competence focussed on the exploration experience to train the sensory and motor abilities. While the creativity includes the realm of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor seen from the product. Appreciation of the learning delivered not only as a knowledge alone. But, it involves the experience of observing and experiencing. Also, involves the living, enjoys and appreciate directly the activities of art.
 Cannot be denied there was always art around us. Therefore, it’s good you use art for the development of children’s intelligence. Following some benefits when children learn art:
1. Children are easier to absorb the input and advice given.
2. Sensitivity to nature to become better because accustomed to making something beautiful.
3. Gives pleasure and can help learn a variety of skills that need to be controlled or something with their talent.
4. Help the child express his creativity and develop freely.
5. Children are able to control emotions, feeling sad or happy. The emotions that can be shed through the works of art they produce.
6. The child’s Imagination could develop through the art.
7. Build on the child’s feelings and give many creative art experiences.
8. The appreciation of beauty will grow. If the sensitivity it had grown, children can make a nice work.
9. Arts education can give a positive influence in terms of the perception of emotions.


Art education is a conscious effort to transmit the ability of artistic activity. The kid is a unique personal have the capabilities and needs of adults. Also, one of the typical child’s needs to express or proclaim herself. Art education can contribute to the personal development of children. The importance of art in child development related to the awarding of spaces of expression. Then, the development potential of creative. Also, the increased sensitivity of taste and insight into the development of culture.
Art education should be more emphasized in the world of education in the United States. For now, the importance of art in child development especially in the elementary school. Where in its construction students are lacking in free for expression according to his mind. If students in free for expression they can develop their intellectual potential, imagination, expression, and creative sensibility.